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What is drip filter coffee?

What is One Cup Filter?

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Our "Hanging Ear Disposable Coffee Filter Bags" are a great way to get a one cup filter coffee.

One Cup Filter

Is a convenient way to get fresh coffee either at work, out and about, or at home. Great for those who enjoy camping and travelling as each "bag" comes in it's own sealed bag (approximately 12cm X 9cm 0.7cm). There's no need for any type of coffee machine just a cup and hot water.

What is drip filter Coffee?

A great way to get that cup of fresh ground coffee. The concept has been around for ages from Rombouts one cup filters to the V60 coffee dripper. You just pour the hot water into the container and it drips through the coffee giving you a great fresh cup.

Our One Cup Coffee comes in individually sealed packs so it's fresh when you open the pack.

Who would use

Great for camping, hiking, travel, the office, work/rest rooms, your home. Anyone who wants that fresh coffee taste in a convenient small packet.

Good for hotels to offer that little bit extra for the complementary room coffee. We are interested in chatting to anyone in the hospitality industry who might be interested in our One Cup Coffee. Contact Us

Our Story

We've been around coffee for over 30 years, our roots go back to owning a cafe and using all those traditional machines to give our customers great coffee. We are so in love with coffee we wanted to know more so off we went to study how to roast coffee, and the next thing you know we've got ourselves a commercial roasting machine and started selling our roasts to local cafes and trade customers.

The little cafe went years ago (but we still hanker back to those days and you never know!) but that personal one to one service still remains and we're fiercely independent. Maybe that's why we wanted to find a product which gave that fresh brew cafe coffee experience on the go.

Then one day we come across these one cup filter bags and thought "ha" that's a great idea lets look into this and before we knew it we had a machine and packing equipment to produce them.

We do lots of different roasts but currently offer only two for the drip filters. A large part of this is because you just can't put any old bean or roast into the bags and it's taken us a bit of time to get the grind, roast and combination of beans just right.


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